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RESTAURANT                             Mon – Fri 10AM - 4PM                 

Food served until 3PM                 

Sun - 10AM - 5PM

Food served until 3PM



Mon-Sat 9AM-5PM

Sun 10AM-5PM



Mon – Sat  9AM - 5PM

Food served until 3PM

Sun - 10AM - 5PM

Food served until 3PM


For the most up to date information or to ask about our menu, please call us or check out our Facebook page.


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About Us

​The Miller's started farming after the First World War when Alec Miller returned from the army and was joined by his brother George, the father of the present owners. Growing soft fruit, mainly raspberries, the brothers bought Jamesfield in 1941 and the partnership continued until 1961 when Alec Miller retired. By this time the present owners were already working on the farm and in the late 1960's G.W. Miller and Sons was formed as the new partnership.

By the early 1980's the Miller's became increasingly concerned about the amount of chemicals used in modern day agriculture and in 1985, changed their farming policy to organic. This policy is still in place today, over 30 years later.

Battery Storage

With the planning permission approval Harmony Batteries have more hoops to jump through before installation can take place. There is no doubt that this is a groundbreaking development and could help to solve the longstanding problem of not being able to store electricity.

Housing Development

The old unused farm steading has been given planning permission and 8 new detached homes are to be built on the site. Further details can be obtained from McCrae and McCrae in Dunfermline.

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